Meeting The Mountains
notes and photographs

Room 509, Dnipro Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine by Stephen Shore

Another extract from one of my forthcoming projects about spontaneous compositions.

(via Wolfgang Tillmans at Maureen Paley)

Sam Irons
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Set in a remote village in Suriname, South America, featuring Vivianne Sassen herself and a young man named Etan, and narrated through a poem by Maria Barnabas and Sassen’s images, Etan & Me, explores themes of identity, love, and loss. The abstract, blurry, un-defined self-portraits of Viviane are combined with the crystal clear portraits of Etan. Of her, we see only what mirrors in the ruffled water – of him, we can see every pore and line of the skin. She is looking at him, looking at her, looking at him. He is turning away. Her mirror image stays ruffled. The contrasts and colours connect them to each other, and the poem adds as much to the understanding of the work as the photographs. Viewer & viewed. Belonging and separated. The process of falling in and forcing out. Etan & Me reflects on our making sense of ourselves in relation to Other and others, and the temporary aspects of Self in regards to this. (via REVIEW: Viviane Sassen - “Etan & Me” (2013) - Since 2008, AMERICAN SUBURB X | Art, Photography and Culture that matters.)